Quality Management


Gemus has a stringent Quality Management System in accordance to ISO:2001 which involves testing and inspection at all stages of manufacturing. Inspection begins right from the raw material stage and only material confirming to specifications are accepted and used for manufacturing. Thereafter inspection is carried out at each and every step to ensure that only quality castings are produced and supplied. Periodic audits and inspection are carried out to maintain and upgrade the efficacy of the Quality Management System.


The intent to match global standards of excellence underlines our commitment in providing quality service right from handling your inquiries to timely delivery of products. Our products underscore a basic intent to uphold values of an organization, which is working with a global orientation. Every order receives the in-depth attention of our qualified and experienced engineers who value the investment of our customers. As a symbol of reliability, Gemus has got itself accredited with ISO 9001 certificate, by Underwriters Laboratory Inc, USA.

GEMUS Chemical Testing Laboratory


GEMUS Metallurgical Testing Laboratory

Quality Testing Facilities


Gemus has the following facilities in-house for conducting inspections & tests:


  1. Chemical Testing Laboratory
  2. Sand Testing Laboratory
  3. Metallurgical Laboratory for Micro-structure Analysis


Mechanical Testing Laboratory comprising of:

a) Universal Testing Machine

b) Brinell Hardness Testing Machine

c) Poldi Hardness Testing Kit

d) Compression Load Testing Machine


Non Destructive Testing Facility for:

a) Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

b) Dye Penetrate Test

c) Magnetic Crack Detector

d) Ultrasound Testing Machine.


Other equipment we have include:

  • Carbon , Silicon and CE Testing Meter
  • Digital Pyrometer
  • Crane Weighing Scale & Platform Weighing Scales
  • Assorted measuring devices like Vernier Calipers, Micrometer, Depth Gauge, Filler Gauge, Radius Gauge etc.


GEMUS Mechanical Testing Laboratory

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