Cost Effective Organization


Dedicated & Experienced Work Force


Logistical Advantages - Close to Raw Material and Sea Ports


Inherent Production Flexibility


Well Spread Infrastructure providing complete solution to Customers


Gemus provides complete solutions to Customers by developing Cast-Components based on Engineering Drawings and supplying them in fully Machined and Coated condition as per required specifications.


Casting Patterns are quickly created from Drawings or Solid Models and Gating and Risering are finalized by a team of skilled and experienced Pattern Shop Technicians headed by a dedicated Development Manager. Since inception, we have produced a broad range of castings for numerous industries and we regularly produce specialized castings with thin cross-sections .


A series of In-house Testing Laboratories ensure that all castings that leave our Foundry receive the same attention to details that our Gemus products get. Raw Materials are scrutinized to ensure conformance to specifications. Quality technicians sample castings for conformance to requirements and work with Gemus’s Engineering Department to improve our written procedure and training in conformance to ISO/TS 16949 : 2009 aligned standards.

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Gemus has done work on a variety of applications. Below are links to these applications where you will see examples of work done in that area.

Industrial & Machinery Castings

Valve Bodies & Components

Pipe Fitting, Glands, Flanges & Couplings

Municipal Castings / Manhole Covers & Rings

Farm Machinery & Equipment Castings

Railways / Railroad / Locomotive Castings

Electrical Transmission Hardware / Insulator Cap Castings

Automotive Castings

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